Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Would You Move To An Ocean Surface Citystate?

This video is about a remarkable emerging idea. Building cities on the surface of the ocean. According to the video, within the next decade cities will be build on the open sea. These cities will be self sustaining, green, and be in international waters. Effectively they will be floating citystates, each with their own systems of government. With population increases and global warming, these ocean cities could be an answer.

Being designed from the ground up to be self sustaining, these cities could have a very little environmental impact. Solar and wind power are very abundant oh the open ocean. Food should not be a problem with hydroponic technologies. I would imagine that people living on floating cities would have to become vegetarian or pay high prices for imported meat. There is also obviously the fishing option. The biggest draw to live on one of these cities, for me at least, the ability to conduct research in a more open forum. I might be half tempted to live on one.

Don't forget about this months book contest! Two winners will receive a copy of the up coming book "Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think". If you think about it, this story falls right inline with abundance.

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