Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Short Essay: Evolution

Today I am posting a short essay that I wrote for one of my classes on the relationship between spirtuality and evolution. Please comment as you see fit and also included is an amusing music video by Pearl Jam.


Evolution is one of the most important realizations in humanity. From evolution we have gained an understanding of genetics and with that understanding comes the key to the future of mankind. The study of DNA has opened the door to the possibilities of curing maleficent genetic disorders and gives hope to people that are victims of nothing but bad genetics. Eventually there will even be able to cure the disease known as death. However, the concept of evolution was almost destroyed by ignorance before its inception.

In the beginning there was nothing, a blackness of void, then there was a light. A giant explosion of genesis proportions. The universe was born. And among the countless galaxies and star systems that arose there was life on the third planet of a certain solar system. Through chance combination of organic molecules the first strands of RNA were formed and through that eventually the first DNA. Single celled organisms would become multicellular organisms. Eventually, these chance combinations of DNA would produce a multitude of unique organisms. One such organism is the human. The human is able to think and change the world around him to suit his survival. However, mankind’s need to understand the world around him means that they do not mesh well with events in the world they do not understand.
Religion and spiritualism became a key component to begin to make sense out of a nonsensical world. For a while religion was good. Something happened that mankind could not explain it must have been the will of the gods. The advent of science shook the very pillars of religion. Evolution shook them even more. Before evolution came along, all religions had some sort of creation myth. With evolution humanity had an explanation of creation without a deity present.

The main opponent of evolution is creationism or its more modern term intelligent design. Creationism is a predominately christian view that all the heavens and life on earth were created by a supreme being. It is a story that is ingrained in much of American culture. In the beginning there was nothing and the lord said “let there be light” and there was light and the lord saw it was good. The rest involves this supreme being molding humanity out of clay then taking the rib bone of man and creating a woman. Dominion of earth is then gifted to man and they become its guardians. Creationism relies on a book that also states that certain people lived to be 500 years old and that a man parted a sea with a stick. There is no scientific evidence to these myths.

Mysticism and religion served a need. That need was to explain the unexplainable. Religion still serves that purpose as there are events that science can not explain. However, when an explanation comes along religion should take a critical view and incorporate the new data. Humanity likes to think that the entire universe revolves around its perception. Evolution uncovered how life is made and religion could have embraced this as an understanding of how this supreme being works. The book they cling to states that man was created in his image and likeness. As such then eventually we would have gained the understanding of how he creates. However, the dogma of Christianity also states that we should always be servants. Perhaps a hard look should be taken at the actual stories in the bible. The lord is portrayed as a teacher and a father figure. What father would not want to see their sons and daughters grow to be like him. There is room for science and religion. Mankind needs spirituality and it also needs to understand the world around them. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed and something must have caused the big bang.

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  1. Hi,

    I was debating about going for the essay competition, however I think possibly my thoughts make a good follow on from your essay.

    Religion/spirituality was the birth of science, and alchemy and gave basic explanations of biology. Over the years and with science becoming an altogether different field, religions have mostly mutated into a form of population control, and no matter how many times religions say "there is only one god" and do not worship craven images, these are only interpreted as differentiation rather than sameness.
    many great wisdoms were imparted in many of the books, that have since been perverted to suit whoever was in power. However i have come to the conclusion that often it is like people who only being able to work with their hands trying to describe concepts of advanced quantum mechanics and the nature of our existence.

    Buddhism concept- mindfulness, being present in the moment is the way to achieve enlightenment

    taoist concept of - an inner light

    Christian concept of- I am the light and the truth that passes all understanding.

    Now superimpose these concepts onto quantum mechanics most notably the double slit experiment and entanglement theory, plus the supposition that at the big bang everything was generated from a single electron.

    Say for instance that our "inner light" is a quantum particle, existing in all possible places and times until mostly confined in our four dimensions, with the constraint of time, at any particular moment it is only in one particular place, and yet when not time bound, it is everywhere and everything, including god if he exists.

    How many times have we read of gods and messiahs, saying I am part of you, made in my own image etc, they habitually leave out the part that says you are part of me.

    Our entanglement with other possible present quantum instances of the self have been weakened through individualism and self serving desires, and our entanglement with past and future possible instances of our self strengthened through projecting fears and wants, and over connection to past pains and tragedy (depression).

    Makes becoming centred, and entirely in the present a lot more scientifically achievable does it not? Also how when you are totally centred you are at one with everything and you cannot have enemies for you see yourself in them.

    Now to current events... entanglement, the big bang, quantum as I have tried to explain above show that we are all connected, and that a single unifying consciousness could be a possibility.

    We are connecting with each other more than ever before, the internet has made these connections possible, Anonymous itself shows that we are together, greater than the sum of our parts individually. It does feel to me as if there is a large awakening of consciousness going on.

    Now back to biblical, and the book of enoch (not crowleighs version) excuded from all but the ethiopian bible, allegedly Noah's great grandfather, made an awful lot of predictions and commentary, however his final prediaction about what causes the state of Nirvana on earth is roughly: The people are all enslaved by their leaders telling them lies and deceiving them, living in a world of suffering and not even knowing they are slaves because of the deception. they will be given books (information) that will reveal the truth, and they will awaken, and no further lies/deception will be possible.

    When our consciousness reaches critical mass, no lies will be possible, as we will know the truth, and as for being given information... wikileaks etc...

    I know it is alot to ask a scientist to consider these possibilities, but i hope that you do.


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