Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Music Training Has Biological Impact On Aging Process

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I have a bit before I have to get ready for my classes today and I thought I would share an interesting article I read today. If you are a musician I have good news for you! Your musical studies can delay neurological degradation. Science Daily published a story detailing the study.

In a nut shell it found "The older musicians not only outperformed their older non-musician counterparts, they encoded the sound stimuli as quickly and accurately as the younger non-musicians," said Northwestern neuroscientist Nina Kraus. "This reinforces the idea that how we actively experience sound over the course of our lives has a profound effect on how our nervous system functions." If you want to read the full article I have include the link below.

APA Reference:
Northwestern University (2012, January 30). Music training has biological impact on aging process. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 1, 2012, from­/releases/2012/01/120130172402.htm

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